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Hydraulic systems

Hydraulic control units

• small space requirements
• less hydraulic unit
• optimal connections
• less hydraulic piping
• 3D design


• optimal channel connections
• no valve collision
• check of the building-in possibilities of the pipe screws
• the piping system can be designed parallel with the machine designing

Result: compact, aesthetic hydraulic control unit


Hydraulic power units

We design and assemble hydraulic power supply units, including 3 litre mini units, 30-100 litre general units up to…


…up to systems with 1000 litre oil tank, cooling and/or heating system, electronic control, built-on hydraulic control units, power-controlled pumps and any part according to the requirements of our clients.

Friction welding machine

Full reconstruction of a friction welding machine for Rába Axle Ltd. including two 1000 litre hydraulic power units with hydraulic control unit, power controlled pumps and hydraulic cylinders. The two power units move the two tool halves by proportional control and hold them under pressure according to the technological instructions.

Hydraulic system of a 1000 ton press brake

1000 ton press brake to bend plates up to 60 mm thickness with 1000 tons.
The bending beam is operated by 2 cylinders on both sides. The cylinders are proportionally controlled by 2 power supply units.
Even in case of excentric load a parallelism of ±0,2mm can be achieved.

Beam stopping gate moving system at neutron beam accelerator

An international project has been organized to create the moving system of the beam stopping gates of ISIS TS2 accelerator in the UK. The 18 gates weighing 15 tons each are located in circle. The gates are moved by a proportional control system (installed on the cylinder) with an accuracy of 0,1 mm. The two hydraulic power units move 9 gates each but in case one of them goes wrong the other one can take over the duty of supplying hydraulic energy.

Hydraulic cylinders

Designing and manufacturing hydraulic cylinders
• special design
• high pressure up to 600-700 bar
• built-in distance measuring sensor