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Machines for manufacturing Velux windows

Dies for pressing window sash cover plates

Stamping, compression moulding and punching  dies built in a plate profiling rolling line. (Dimpling) 

Checking devices

Calibrated quality checking devices to check the gluing of the window sash corners and that of the casing.

The rivet-pulling force also can be checked and different mechanical measurements can be performed. 


Special woodworking machines for window casings

Special woodworking machines developed by us for window casings:
•Machine for drilling the top casing
•Rabbeting machine
•Sizing and drilling machine

Automated nailing equipment

It is used to nail window casings.

Sizing and nailing equipment

It is an automated equipment to size window casing parts, to assemble and to nail them.

Drive of multiple spindle drilling heads

Design and manufacture of the drive of multiple spindle drilling heads

Plate profiling tools

Design and manufacture of plate profiling rolls
• Tools for profiling plates by rolls