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BMI Kft. is a typical family enterprise founded in 1992 by the Barabás brothers István and György. They have several decades experience in the field of designing and manufacturing special machines and a thorough knowledge of the hydraulic and pneumatic systems.


In order to meet the great demand in the above fields we have established our own factory.

Besides the Hungarian market by now we have clients in Austria, Germany, Lithuania, Romania, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Australia and China.




• design and manufacture of special machines and devices with complete system control

• design and manufacture of hydraulic and pneumatic systems

• sales of hydraulic components

• maintenance and repair


Our machines comply with the European norms, we supply them with CE certificate.


Our team of qualified engineers is at the disposal of our customers in the following fields:


• 3D design and modelling with Solid Edge ST software

• 2D drawings, digitizing hand drawings

• research and development

• modernizing machineries


Our basic principle is quality and smiling CUSTOMER that often generate next orders.