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Special machines

Sizing and nailing equipment for window casing

Automated equipment to size Velux skylight window casing parts, to assemble and to nail them in short standard piece time with strict observance of the Velux technology

Profiling roller line

For shaping the plate parts of Velux skylight windows.

Drilling equipment for window top casing

This pneumatically operated equipment is used for precisely machining the top casing of Velux windows.


Technical data:


- simultaneous movement of 4 drilling and milling spindles

- machining of penetrations by sequence control

Breaking bench

Bench for checking the shearing and bending strength of glued joints of window sashes.


Technical data:


• breaking force: 100 kN

• stroke: 120 mm

• approaching speed: 12,5 mm/s

• checking speed: 2,5 mm/s


Laminated motor core testing bench

It is used for geometrical checking of welded motor lamination.




-height measurement

-perpendicularity measurement of the side arch

-bottom and top flatness measurement

-superscription of the correct pieces, automatic sorting out of the faulty ones


Fuse switch disconnector testing bench


The bench tests fuse switch disconnectors by touching 3x3 measuring points to the fuse switch disconnector to be checked. Thus eventual faults can be detected.

The faultless fuse switch disconnectors will be marked by a small bored hole, the faulty ones leave the bench without being bored.

Transport dolly storing and feeding equipment

The equipment is used on the one hand to store stacked transport dollies, on the other hand to feed them, two at a time, for being loaded by a fork lift.

The dollies are suitable to be loaded with pallets or wire mesh containers. 


Automatic stator plate pack welding equipment

It is used for automatic welding of stator plate pack of electric motors on 4 sides.
Operation sequence:
• manual placing of the plate pack, start of the machine
• clamping of the plate pack with 40 kN clamping force
• height measurement
• if it is correct: 3 welds in the first corner
• turning in 90° – next 3 welds, next corners
• turning out of the welding space, removal of the welded plate pack

SMC cutter

The basic material is dollop of plasticine consistency containing ground glass fiber between two foil layers.

During the preparation first the foil layers have to be removed from the basic material, then strips of proper length according to the manufacturing instructions have to be cut from it. From technological point of view the parameter to be set is not the strip length but the strip mass. The proper strip mass can be ensured by accurate cutting.

Pipe cold forming machine

For cold forming of steel pipes

280 ton impact extrusion press

For cold forming of materials


Technical data:

- Maximum compressive force: 280 tons

- Sped up/down: 0-40 mm/s

- Work speed: 2,4 mm/s

1000 ton press brake

A parallelism of +/- 2 mm ensured by proportional technique.

Technical data:
• Max. plate width: 3720 mm
• Max. stroke: 500 mm
• Work pressure: 280 bar
• Max bending force: 1000 ton
• Speed up/down: 0-40 mm/s
• Work speed: 2,4 mm/s

Electrical upsetting machine for heading chisel blanks


Induction hot forming equipment to manufacture forging blank of chisels. 


Chip compacting press

This press is used to compact aluminium chip for remelting.


Technical data:


- compacting force: 500 kN

- initial density 0,04 kg/dm3

- final density 0,5-0,6 kg/dm3

- capacity: 1,5 t/h


Foundry manipulator

It lifts and manipulates the countinous casting tools without recourse to the hall crane.

• fast mode: 10 m/min
• positioning speed: 40mm/s

Gripping head to robotic arm

The gripping head mounted on robotic arm is used to grip aluminium rods. It is pneumatically operated.

Maximum clamping force is 10 kN per gripping jaw.


FIFO infra furnace

Heat treating furnace for windscreens transformed according to the quality prescriptions of Audi.

The automatic locking mechanism releases  only after a pre-set time.

Pneumatic bench

Bench for computerized testing and test recording of pneumatic elements of train brake systems.

15 different units can be measured at two test stations with the help of the corresponding fixation devices.


Press for assembly of railway wheel sets


The equipment is used to automatically press railway wheel sets on axles according to the corresponding prescriptions. It records the prescribed distance-time diagram and the wheel distance.

• pressing-on: after positioning the axle and the wheels automatic diameter measuring, pressing-on of the wheels, wheel distance setting, recording
• pressing-off: in order to check the conformity of the pressing-on

Pressing-on force: 2000 kN

Pressing-off force: 1000 kN

Press for disassembly of railway wheel sets

The equipment is suitable to disassemble railway wheel sets. After placing the wheel set onto a service carriage the press removes first one wheel, then, after turning the axle in 180°, the other one. The regime is semi-automatic.

High-strength pipes are applied for pressing axles and wheels of different dimensions.


Pressing-off force: 400 kN


30 ton hydraulic cable shoe press



It is a two-column hydraulic press with a working space protected by safety light curtain. The pressing force can be electronically (proportionally) set between 2 and 30 tons. By recording the travel-force diagram the pressing process can be checked and documented.


Adjustable parameters:

• pressing force

• the height of switching from quick speed to work speed

• working stroke


Technical parameters:

• quick speed: 60 mm/s

• work speed: 13 mm/s

• reverse speed: 14 mm/s

• stroke: 65 mm


Application fields:

• pressing-in closing buttons into hydraulic control units

• automotive cable harnesses: cable shoe pressing

• for small blanking dies

• pressing tasks up to 30 ton pressing force and 65 mm stroke