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Testing and assembly equipment for rail vehicles

Pneumatic bench

Bench for computerized testing and test recording of pneumatic elements of train brake systems.

15 different units can be measured at two test stations with the help of the corresponding fixation devices.

Suspension spring testing equipment

Measuring equipment to test bogie suspension springs Y25.
It makes a measurement report. A connection can be built up with the computer system via ethernet port.
Compressive force: 10 tons
Spring diameter: 100-300 mm

Press for disassembing railway wheel sets

The equipment is suitable to disassemble railway wheel sets. After placing the wheel set onto a service carriage the press removes first one wheel, then, after turning the axle in 180°, the other one. The regime is semi-automatic.

High-strength pipes are applied for pressing off the axles and wheels of different dimensions.


Pressing-off force: 400 kN

Press for assembling railway wheel sets


The equipment is used to automatically press railway wheel sets on/off axles according to the corresponding prescriptions. It records the prescribed distance-time diagram and the wheel distance.

• pressing-on: after positioning the axle and the wheels automatic diameter measuring, pressing-on of the wheels, wheel distance setting, recording
• pressing-off: in order to check the conformity of the pressing-on

Pressing-on force: 2000 kN

Pressing-off force: 1000 kN


Bogie loading capacity testing equipment

Bench for testing hydraulic vibration absorbers