System design

In order to develop our designing and manufacturing activity in the field of hydraulics we have incorporated Bucher Hidraulika Kft. and some young engineers into our company in 2007. Besides designing complete hydraulic systems we design and manufacture the following items:

During the creation of complete hydraulic systems we always try to build in the least possible quantity of hydraulic elements in the smallest possible place that can be reasonably utilized. Thus we always design hydraulic functions out of special manifolds permitting an easy connection between the hydraulic function elements with less connection points


We always use 3 dimension designing method allowing not only time saving but also an easy check of the correctness of the logical connection of the manifold holes. In the reversed view it is easy to check the planned and unintentional hole connections and bore wall collapses. In the fully assembled manifold we can check if the valves can be installed and if there is enough place for the wrenches to tighten the screws.


The hydraulic control unit on the below picture corresponds to the connection scheme. By correctly designed manifolds we can not only save place but also allocate the optimal place for the connection points.

We can design hydraulic system not only out of Bucher products but also out of those of other hydraulic element manufacturers.


Hydraulic control unit


We design and manufacture hydraulic power units of very different sizes with built-on control unit, cooling and variable pump.


1000 litre tank – 18,5 kW electric motor – 131cm3 

axial piston pump – oil-air cooling – control unit mounted on the tank



100 litre tank – 7,5 kW electric motor – 12 cm3 gear pump –

5 litre hydraulic accumulator with safety unit –

5 working ports – control unit mounted on the tank


44 litre tank – 4 kW electric motor –

11 cm3 gear pump



Although the manufacturers offer a wide product portfolio it happens sometimes that there is no valve for a special function or a combination of several elements is needed to implement a function. In such cases we design and manufacture the needed special valve, e.g.: 

  • sequence control valve
  • counterbalance valve
  • valves with position indication etc.


Sequence control valve


Position indicator on direction control valve size CETOP 3

We have a great experience in designing and manufacturing hydraulic cylinders of different type (single acting, double acting, swivel mounting, flange mounting, foot mounting, special mounting etc.).

In the past years we have designed a number of big sized high pressure hydraulic cylinders, even of 400 mm diameter and 700 bar pressure.